Trump knows what Henry Ford would think of his company today

August 22, 2019, 6:16 AM

During a week that he repeated anti-Semitic tropes about American Jews who vote for Democrats, President Trump communed with the soul of another anti-Semite, Henry Ford. 

Henry Ford wouldn't stand for this green-tech silliness, the president said (Photo: Wikipedia)

And Henry, he said, would be disappointed with the company that bears his name, after it reached an agreement with the state of California, to lower emissions in its cars, in compliance with that state's law. 

USA Today reports this seance was delivered via the president's usual pipeline, Twitter.

Trump's tweets follow a recent report in the New York Times that the White House was blindsided by an agreement between California and four large automakers and that the administration summoned companies to the White House to press them on the issue.

Last year, the Trump administration proposed freezing mile-per-gallon standards for cars and light trucks after the 2020 model year, saying it would keep prices lower for consumers and improve safety. Trump has also taken aim at California's more stringent standards, which the federal government historically allowed under a special exemption.

Trump also rattled the bones of General Motors' founding father. Behold the president's tweetstorm, below.

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