Politics Podcast: Whitmer Squeezes GOP for Budget to 'Fix The Damn Roads'

August 23, 2019, 12:05 AM

Bill Ballenger and Dennis Denno, veterans of Michigan politics, discuss timely issues on "The Friday Morning Podcast," sponsored by Deadline Detroit:

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    Gov.Gretchen Whitmer (Official photo)
    Gov. Gretchen Whitmer issues ultimatum to Republican legislative leaders to produce a concrete FY 2020 budget plan that includes adequate funding to "Fix the Damn Roads." But they seem unlikely to do so any time soon.
  • Denno and his wife, Raina, take an Alaska road trip where she runs her 49th marathon in her 49th state, and discovers Alaska has a far worse budget crisis than Michigan, much of it created by gubernatorial campaign promise.
  • Interview with T.J. Bucholz, CEO of Vanguard Public Affairs.  

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