Metro Detroit Parents Need This Back-to-School Manners Lesson, Really?

September 03, 2019, 8:24 AM

Maybe we're naive about rude and crude behavior in school driveways, but a local TV news feature seems more like public silliness than public service.

On opening day for most Detroit-area districts, Ali Hoxie of WXYZ delivers a two-minute primer on "line etiquette 101 when you pick up or drop off your child at school." The station believes common sense-impaired moms and dads need these reminders:

1. Do not try to speed through the line.
2. Don't cut [off] people waiting in line.
3. Always keep pulling forward.
4. Do not hold up the line by getting out of your car and talking to your child.

Got that now? (Yes, it'll be on the test.)

Hoxie interviews a Ferndale mom and Sgt. Baron Brown of that city's police force (for real) about crimes against manners. 

This example of what's called "service journalism" evokes still-sore memories from earlier in our career.

-- Alan Stamm

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