8 things we never cared to know about Justin Amash — the lamest guy at the party

September 03, 2019, 11:35 AM by  Violet Ikonomova

The man had Arby's correct a spelling error, for God's sake.

Trump foe and will-he-or-won't-he third party presidential possibility Rep. Justin Amash was profiled by The Washington Post today. The crux is essentially that, having offended the president and his base, the Republican has been forced to do a delicate dance to hold on to his seat in Michigan's 3rd District. Or to run for president — as some speculate and Amash hasn't ruled out.

Our takeaway, however, is that Amash would never pass "the beer test" needed to win higher office because he is quite literally the lamest guy at the party.

Here are the details to prove it: 

  • Amash tells The Post: “I’d be the guy at the party where everyone was drinking, and I wouldn’t.”
  • He says he's never smoked pot.
  • He says he's never smoked a cigarette.
  • He had an Arby's correct a spelling error on its sign. "Pecan pie" was misspelled as "Peacan Pie.”
  • While in the Michigan Legislature, he noticed a missing comma in a bill and proposed an amendment to change it. It was reporteldy one of the first Republican amendments to successfully pass a Democratic supermajority.
  • He was, according to The Post, "a kid without a curfew because he never gave his parents reason to worry, who did his homework unprompted."
  • He told a woman who lost friends in the 2007 Virginia Tech shooting, “You don’t need to be scared of this stuff. ... Statistically speaking, it is not common.”
  • He trims his eyebrows into what The Post calls "perfect furry triangles."

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