Gallery: Ferndale's Magic Bag debuts new marquee, refurbished interior

September 06, 2019, 12:34 AM

Much of the energy of young Detroit may have moved into the central city, but Ferndale is far from over. And on Thursday, its premier music venue, the Magic Bag, lit up a new marquee and showed off a refurbished, spruced-up interior. 

"This is the relaunch of an absolute jewel," said owner Carey Denha, who bought the venue five years ago. The new marquee, an update of an earlier refurbishment, is brighter and fancier. The theme of magic, music and its signature cat is carried from there to the interior. 

"We want to play off the name Magic Bag," Denha said. "We want to bring the way you feel when you first come through the door [inside]." 

They're also changing some seating to be easily folded down or up, depending on each artist's preference. Capacity will range from 300 to 400. 

The new marquee (Photos: Nancy Derringer)

Inside, a wall of framed, signed guitars sits on a back wall
Ceiling globes will accommodate digital projection to change their look.


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