Detroit Council President Brenda Jones Urges Crackdown on Risky Dogs

September 08, 2019, 9:23 AM

It's past time for Detroit to get tough about vicious dogs, the city council president insists.

"People are losing their lives," says Brenda Jones. "When does it matter?"

Brenda Jones: "No one is enforcing the laws." (Photo: Facebook)

Randy Wimbley of Fox 2 News reports in the video below on her call for stricter penalties for pet owners found to be irresponsible.

If Animal Care and Control cannot get in contact with a pet owner, there could be a hearing and the owner could have a $500 fine and possibly 90 days in jail. . . .

For example, Detroit Animal Care and Control went to the home of Pierre Cleveland, the owner of the three pit bulls that killed 9-year-old Emma Hernandez [on Aug. 19]. Animal Care and Control went to his home twice but never got a hold of them. . . .

"We can write the laws all day long," Jones said. "But if there is nobody enforcing the laws, it doesn't matter. No one is enforcing the laws that are on the books.

"Can I get mad at 10 Animal Care and Control Officers? No, because they can only do so much."

These options under consideration for an ordinance being drafted, the station says:

  • A requirement that owners spay or neuter dogs.

  • Restrictions for animals above a certain size and weight.

  • A breeding license for owners with nonsterilized pets, plus limits on breeding licenses.

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