Tweets Without Pity: 'It's Sit Wherever You Want Night at Comerica'

September 13, 2019, 9:14 PM

"And now, for the World Series of Misery," Anthony Fenech begins his Tigers-Orioles pregame story Friday at the Freep.

The four-game matchup could go a long way in determining who lands the top pick in next year’s draft. . . . Though neither team will be playing to lose, both front offices could consider any losses in this series as perhaps the most welcome of the season. 

That's because the last-place team gets to pick first in Major League Baseball's first-year players draft next June. The Tigers (43-103) and Orioles (48-99) trail their American League divisions.

So it's hardly a shock that Friday night's game at Comerica Park drew few ticket-holders. Vacant rows created an opening for social media laments, quips and sorrows. "This hurts to see," one post says.

Update: The Tigers lost 6-2. Official attendance was 14,722 in the 41,297-seat stadium.

"I expected bad, but this is crazy for a Friday. I’ve been to April games less than 50 degrees with more than this," a fan tweets from the ballpark, showing what he means:

"Look at those stands," remarks Detroit News editor-publisher Gary Miles with his retweet of the sad scene.

"On the bright side: It's sit wherever the fuck you want night at Comerica!" posts Adam Dubbin.

Others echo that observation:

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