North Farmington High's ID prank continues grand tradition

September 14, 2019, 6:20 AM

At North Farmington High School, there's a tradition that's as old as Twitter itself, or as old as the tradition, or whatever. 

North Farmington seniors dress as pop culture figures, from actors to memes, for their final student-ID photos, which they then post to social media under a hashtag -- this year's is #NFID20.

Are they good? Yeah, they're pretty good.

Slay all day:

Twins did a great job this year...

...but we thought this one killed:

Alma is calling her agent:

Stop trying to make "fetch" happen:

Teachers have no first names:

Check 'em all out.

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Photo Of The Day 

Potd__mg_2515_419 Building taking is time being reclaimed by land. Spotted near Hamilton Ave.

By: Michael Lucido