Detroit Twitter Gives Thumbs Down on Quick Fix at Church’s Chicken

September 16, 2019, 8:37 PM

Church’s Chicken on Joy and Grand River spurs mirthful mocking on Twitter.

Detroiter Shantinique Brooks started the fun by tweeting a photo of the fast-food restaurant, where the entrance is entrance is retrofitted with a plywood wall and a door suited for a home.

The mocking spread:

  • "This look like some west side shenanigans," one wag commented. 

  • "Is there a doorbell?" another asks.

  • "Welcome to Church's, wipe your damn feet."

  • "They want y'all to feel at home."

The out-of-place door and wall are temporary solutions, a manager tells Deadline Detroit. A wayward driver smashed through the glass door and wall, prompting the staff to look for a quick fix. The window on the left side of the door is still smashed.

Brooks later tweeted:

-- Jack Thomas

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