MSU's Dantonio Was Warned About Player with Sexual Misconduct Complaints

September 19, 2019, 6:24 PM

Auston Robertson and Coach Dantonio

Three Michigan State football staff members warned head coach Mark Dantonio multiple times about recruiting Auston Robertson, who had a history of sexual misconduct complaints. But Dantonio signed him anyway, according to a deposition by fired staffer Curtis Blackwell, Tony Paul writes at The Detroit News.

Blackwell's deposition in August became public Thursday in a new filing by his lawyers in Grand Rapids federal court. He is suing the university and its police department, alleging he unfairly took the fall in a MSU sexual assault investigation. 

Blackwell said he heard defensive line coach Ron Burton tell Dantonio: "I have a daughter on that campus and I wouldn't feel comfortable with Auston Robertson being on campus with my daughter.'"

Robertson, now 22, was kicked off the MSU team in April 2017, after allegedly raping a woman in her mid-Michigan apartment. While awaiting trial, he was allowed to resurrect his career at Garden City Community College in Kansas, where he played a full season. But more legal issues saw him break probation, he was brought back to Michigan, and in December in Lansing, he was sentenced to up to 10 years in prison after pleading down from rape to a lesser charge.

The recruitment raises more questions about MSU officials' concerns and sensitivity about addressing sexual assaults.

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