'Temps workin' like slaves:' Detroit rap track takes aim at GM

September 20, 2019, 10:34 AM

Detroit rapper GMacCash is back with another track inspired by the latest top news. "On Strike" covers the fight of General Motors workers who walked off the job this week to pressure the automaker in contract negotiations.

"We ain't 'bout to keep working under these conditions/working in a hot plant with no air conditioning/and they got the nerve to tell us that it's fair conditions," he raps. "Temps workin' like slaves and don't get hired/the supervisor don't care if they get tired/they just tryna make sure them sales get higher."

GMacCash walks a picket line and pumps a "UAW On Strike" sign in the accompanying video. It had 14,000 views as of Friday.

The rapper made headlines twice earlier this year for his "We on the Lodge Wit it" track and the anti-winter "Snow."

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