Up to 3 percent of Detroit cops found 'untruthful'

September 23, 2019, 3:59 PM

By Jack Thomas 

Between 54 and 74 Detroit police officers — 2 to 3 percent of the force — have been disciplined for untruthfulness, according to a city statement to The Detroit News.

The finding comes nearly a year after the department adopted a zero-tolerance policy that says officers caught lying will face termination.

Dishonest cops jeopardize the chance of securing convictions, Chief James Craig says.

"You can’t have these officers in certain units. If we make an arrest, and you have an officer with a discipline history of untruthfulness, prosecutors may not charge the suspect, and dangerous criminals might get away."

The officers' union downplayed the significance of the findings, telling The News the untruthfulness charge has been "abused" in the past.

"For instance, if I fill out my run sheet, which only allows for a half-hour lunch, and I stay in a restaurant for 40 minutes, the department was calling that a false statement," [said President Ronald Thomas].

The union has sued over the termination rule adopted last year.

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