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Survey: Michigan residents have second-highest beer tolerance in nation

October 10, 2019, 7:26 AM

We drink beer, we love beer. And by god, we can handle our beer. 

Michiganders perceive they have a high tolerance to beer — the second highest tolerance of any state in the country — based on a survey by the scientists whoever works at

It takes 4.02 beers for Michiganders to feel drunk, according to the survey. The only state that can handle its beer any better is Arizona, where respondents came in at 4.04 beers before feeling drunk. 

The survey asked 2,580 people across the U.S. how many 4.5% alcohol by volume beers it takes for them to start getting woozy.

We're not all boozehounds here though. A good 12 percent of us (likely the thinner ones) feel drunk after just one beer.

California, Idaho, Montana and Hawaii are among the states that get drunk quickest. Their people can handle fewer than three beers.

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