Gallery: A Drive Down An Aging, But Scenic Fort Street in Detroit

October 11, 2019, 11:46 PM by  Michael Lucido

Going down Fort Street in Detroit feels a lot like traveling into the past, with aging buildings and blocks that have a small-town Americana feel.

We took a ride to capture these pure Detroit scenes. 

Photos by Michael Lucido 

Fort Street Bridge

I have never seen so many U-Haul trucks in one area before.

There is something beautiful about worn and weathered vintage signs that get me. This one is on a South Fort Street abandoned building.

C's Carwash and Detailing workers making this Corvette as beautiful as it can be.

Vintage hand-painted sign.
A view toward downtown.

Iglesia Hispana Ebenezer church near Downing Street.

West Fort Street near Dearborn Street.

Round up a group of ham-loving friends for this wild A&L Ham Palace in Delray, open 24 hours at the corner of West Fort and Woodmere Street opposite Woodmere Cemetery. Mural by Freddy Diaz.

A moment of silence for the final resting place of this boat in an empty lot near West Fort and Springwells Street.

The great wall of shipping containers. I bet the Night King couldn't tear this one down with his undead ice dragon.

I find it interesting that a church (not in operation) would have an adress such as this one.

Vintage Borden's Evaporated Milk sign near Waterman Street.

Bim's Pawnbrokers near Campbell Street.

We tried to find the pair of legs that went with them, but they could not be located.

What was once the Fort Street Industrial Factory now sits as a vacant and gutted building on West Fort and Morrell Street.

Although the gates of this old industrial building are cold and chained, they lock away hidden beauty inside.
 Spotted at the corner of Morrell Street and West Fort.

With a cool angle like this, we can't resist taking this image of the Ambassador Bridge.

It's a bird! It's a plane! ... No, its a semi-truck on the roof of the Arrow Trucks and Parts building.

One of my favorite places to go, Johnny Noodle King. That neon sign is also super clever.

Another vintage hand-painted signage on the Porter Bottle Co. building near Rosa Parks Boulkevard.

Some wicked-looking street art near 10th Street by Brian Glass, who signs his work "Sintex." 

A beautiful message and mural from same Detroit artist, also near 10th Street.

Another warn and beatifully rusted sign from McCarthy's Detroit at the corner of West Fort and 10th Street.

The Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center on West Fort.

The Anchor Bar, a downtown Detroit staple. More importantly, the building architecture is beautiful.

The Detroit Club Hotel, built in 1891 at the foot of Cass Avenue. The brownstone building was designed in the Romanesque Revival style by Philadelphia architect Wilson Eyre. 

The Theodore Levin U.S. Courthouse has beautiful masonry work. The Art Deco-Art Moderne building opened in 1934.


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Potd_img_5519_588 What looks like a train conductor showing his support the other night for protesters in Southwest Detroit.

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