Detroit artist collecting thousands of coat hangers for abortion rights piece

October 12, 2019, 12:17 PM

Detroit-based artist Ann Lewis is known for making a overt political statements. Her recent local works have involved wrapping caution tape around areas where big development looms, to warn of "gentrification in progress."

For an upcoming piece, the artist — in collaboration with local Satanic activist and columnist Jex Blackmore — will turn her focus to abortion rights, by using thousands of wire coat hangers to make a "statement that cannot be ignored." Coat hangers are the symbol of unsafe and illegal abortions.

Lewis announced the project after the Supreme Court of the United States last week said it would pick up a Lousiana case that pro-choice advocates fear the conservative majority will use to "regulate abortion clinics out of existence."

"We demand that womxn and trans ppl continue to have the right to abortion health care, autonomy, and the freedom to chose when and if we have children," Lewis writes in an Instagram post. "These laws voted in by old men who are the most blinded by white male supremacy do not know or care about the consequences their votes may cause."

Lewis wants the public to contribute materials for the project. You can join the "creative direct action" by mailing coat hangers to People for an Equitable Future, P.O. Box 14303, Detroit, MI 48214.

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