Driving 101: Don't Back Into a Patrol Car When Pulled Over

October 15, 2019, 8:02 AM

Dashcam video (below) shows the action in a Rochester Hills subdivision. (Photo: Fox 2 screenshot)

Some drivers virtually ask to be arrested. Consider a 54-year-old Shelby Township woman who saw flashing lights behind her, pulled to the curb and shifted into reverse as an Oakland County deputy knocked on her Audi's rolled-up window.

That's one reason she was jailed last weekend on charges of driving under the influence of alcohol and leaving an accident scene.

Ingrid Kelley has details at Fox 2 (video below):

A deputy with the Oakland County Sheriff's Department was questioning an alleged victim of a hit-and-run incident on Arlington Road in Rochester Hills [after 1 a.m. Saturday]. During the questioning, the victim informed the deputy the vehicle driving by was the suspect in the hit-and-run.

The deputy initiated a traffic stop a few blocks away. Dashcam footage shows the officer knocking on the window for the Shelby Township woman to put the vehicle in park. Instead, she put the car in reverse and backed into the squad car.

The driver was later taken to a nearby hospital for a blood test.

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