Detroit Vs. Everybody takes on NFL refs after bad calls at Lions game

October 15, 2019, 7:00 PM

Now Lions fans can wear their frustration on their sleeves.

After two games lost at least partly due to bad calls, Detroit Vs. Everybody is printing Detroit Vs. the Refs sweatshirts.

The hoodie comes in six sizes, all in this color.

The local clothing brand founded by Tommey Walker, often quick to capitalize on a headline, started selling the $60 limited-edition items Tuesday. They'll be on sale for 3 days and 13 hours.

But have no fear — the sweatshirts may stick around, especially if bad calls keep coming. Detroit Vs. Everybody's "We on the Lodge Wit It" tees were also supposed to be on sale for 3-13, but they're still available.

The new style comes in six sizes, all in the color show.


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