UAW Now Must Be Frank with Strikers About Scandal -- Detroit-Area Crisis Adviser

October 17, 2019, 5:51 PM

The writer is co-founder of a Farmington Hills communications agency. This commentary is adapted from an intrerview Wednesday with Ingrid Kelley of Fox 2, posted by Tanner Friedman at its YouTube channel. The video is below.

By Matt Friedman

Members' trust has been a concern for UAW leaders from the beginning of the GM strike. The entire union has been shrouded in scandal.

It's incumbent now on the union leadership to be very clear in communication -- to explain to their membership everything that was negotiated on their behalf and also explain why they should be trusted to have made this deal.

Matt Friedman: "Sometimes you have to acknowledge the tough stuff."
(Photo: Fox 2 News screenshot)

Human instinct is to not talk about the tough stuff, but sometimes you have to acknowledge the tough stuff to be able to get your audience to trust you, that you're being honest with them, that you're acting in their best interest.

That's what the UAW has to do here.

It's not natural. It's not easy. But in cases like this it's necessary.


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