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October 20, 2019, 10:21 PM

Matt Stafford (Photo: Lions' video)

Once again, the Detroit Lions fans get another season of what ifs: What if the Lions had not blown their opener? What if the refs hadn't snatched tictory away from the Lions in the Packers game?

A team that could easily have been in first place, is sinking in last place with a very disappointing record of 2-3-1. The 1 is a constant reminder of an ugly ending in the opener.

Now any hope of a successful season is gone, Detroit Free Press columnist Jeff Seidel thinks:

This team has too many warts, injuries, weaknesses and issues to be considered a contender, or to even beat one.

The Lions have now lost three straight games. They still can’t stop the run (the Vikings had 166 rushing yards). The Lions can’t run the ball, especially not with Johnson out with an injury. They finished with just 81 yards...

We know what this team is. It shoots itself in the foot.

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