More leaked audio: Warren Mayor Fouts wanted to beat top aide with 2 x 4

October 22, 2019, 2:30 PM

Mayor Jim Fouts: "I could easily get a gun."

Warren Mayor Jim Fouts — or someone who sounds very much like Warren Mayor Jim Fouts — has been heard on leaked audio recordings comparing black people to chimps, calling participants in the special olympics "retards," saying creepy things about women and more. 

Now, here's another, compliments of Metro Times

Warren Mayor Jim Fouts said in a disturbing new audio recording that he wanted to shoot his former chief of staff “through the fucking head.”

“I’d like to take a 2x4, and I’d like to beat the fucking shit out of him,” Fouts said of longtime friend and supporter Henry Krzystowczyk. “I’d like to take a gun and shoot him through the fucking head. I could easily get a gun and shoot Henry. I’d enjoy shooting him.”

It’s unclear when the recording was made. Krzystowczyk died in May of natural causes at the age of 88.

Metro Times couldn't reach Fouts, but we imagine his defense would sound like past explanations: It wasn't him on the tape; someone is out to get him.

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