Bryce Detroit Vinyl Release Event Represents More Than Music

October 23, 2019, 9:53 PM

A record release party Wednesday night in Detroit's North End reflected more than new music.

The event at The Garage on Oakland Street or "Structured Water," a vinyl album by Bryce Detroit, was part of his "entertainment justice" vision for "the resurrection or renaissance of black music culture in the North End," he tells Model D.

The artist-activist, whose real name is Bryce Anderson Small, is co-founder of a Detroit Afrikan Music Institution project "with local architects and designers to rehab the historic Apex Lounge on Oakland Avenue." It has a $300,000 grant from ArtPlaceAmerica, a Brooklyn-based collaboration among foundations, federal agencies and financial institutions.

Bryce Detroit envisions "a catalyst for reigniting Detroit’s music economy." (Photo: Facebook)

The goal is to "transform from a vacant property into a center for education, rehearsal and performance that will serve as a catalyst for reigniting Detroit’s music economy," a description says.

"If all goes according to plan, he's looking at a fall 2020 grand opening," Dorothy Hernandez posts at Model D.

His vision is to build a "new hyper-local music economy." . . .

"Step one, we need spaces to be able to create and experiment. Step two, we need spaces to be able to take these refined experiments and then produce them and promote them at a scale . . . where economy begins to be generated."

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