Warren prep school hazing inquiry could bring assault charges

November 02, 2019, 7:40 AM

Warren detectives will determine whether to seek assault chgarges against any De La Salle Collegiate teens involved in hazing football teammates, reportedly with a broomstick. They're interviewing students and faculty members, including coach Mike Giannone.

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The Catholic prep school acknowledges that "a series of hazing incidents conducted by several players on our varsity team," reported this week to police and the county prosecutor's office, were "more pervasive than originally thought," says a statement from the school, according to The Detroit News.

Administrators from Warren De La Salle Collegiate High School, including president John M. Knight, met with detectives at the Warren Police Department early Friday morning, providing their first statements to authorities. . . .

There are many rumors as to what was exactly was involved in the hazing, including talk of a sexual assault. . . .

According to De La Salle, the hazing took place in the locker room and was more problematic than initially perceived.

Neil Rockind: "Yes, that can be charged as an assault."
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An Oakland County criminal defense attorney talks on WDIV about possible assault charges:

"It depends on how far the threat of use of the broomstick went,” Local 4 legal expert Neil Rockind said. "If it got to the point that it seemed like a real threat, than one can be charged with assault. Because all that assault is someone doing an act that creates a reasonable belief on the part of another person they’re going to be assaulted."

Hazing is illegal in Michigan, but to be charged under the law requires an injury. The other question police need to answer is what was the extent of the physical contact.

"If it went so far as holding the other person down and there’s physical contact and it was all part of the build up then, yes, that can be charged as an assault," Rockind said.


Hazing and 'Serious Threat:' What's Going on at Warren De La Salle High?, Oct. 31

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