Curbed Detroit Editor Gets Promotion, Will Remain Based In Detroit

October 23, 2012, 10:50 AM by  Bill McGraw

In a year of running Curbed Detroit, the real estate Web site, Sarah F.Cox displayed a sassy style and a nose for news. 

With coverage of development and abandonment and many things in between, she made Curbed an interesting destination even for readers who didn’t care about the price of a brick bungalow in East English Village (probably about $40,000).

So her bosses did what bosses do: They’ve promoted her.

She’ll soon become editorial director of Curbed, responsible for managing 12 local city sites. (Curbed National and Curbed NY are run by other editors.) Her new role will be to help increase readers and strengthen the Curbed brand. She’ll remain based in Detroit, but commute regularly to New York.

In a company-wide memo, Curbed founder Lockhart Steele* wrote: "Sarah's proved her ability to establish and grow traffic on Curbed local sites, the most important job of the editorial director."

Cox, 30, is an example for young people from elsewhere who have discovered they can have fun and earn a living in Detroit and live to tell their relatives about it. She recently bought a fixer-upper in Midtown that was built in 1879.

She grew up in Virginia and attended the University of Virginia, then moved to New York for six years, working for magazines, freelancing and earning an MFA at the School for Visual Arts.

She came to Detroit in June 2010 as part of her graduate research on real estate, grew fascinated with the city, and returned several times that year for more research. While mostly concentrates on places where real estate is for the wealthy, Cox saw the possibilities here.

“In April 2011, I started pitching Curbed to launch a Detroit site, and in May 2011, I moved here,” she said.

She launched Curbed Detroit September 7, 2011.

Asked about Detroit, she said: “I tell people that, ‘yes, real estate really IS that cheap. I do not make it up.'"

Her goal is to convince her father to visit.

She also said living in Detroit has made her a baseball fan.

*His real name. 

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