Will Amazon's Jeff Bezos Buy the Detroit Lions?

November 13, 2019, 11:00 PM

Jeff Bezos

The Detroit Lions have sucked air for far too long. Could Amazon's billionaire owner Jeff Bezos be the answer? 

Lion Maven, a Sports Illustrated blog that reports on the Detroit Lions, writes that Bezos has an interest in buying an NFL team and the Lions could be a candidate.

John Maakaron writes:

Lions owner Martha Firestone Ford recently turned 94. According to financial experts, it is not likely Ms. Ford sells the team in the near future due to the large capital gains taxes that would be owed. For simple financial reasons, the family's best interest is to remain part of the Lions' ownership group until Ms. Ford passes away...

The Lions are currently not for sale, but if the stars align in the future, the Amazon owner has the means and support to quickly purchase the team.

The story speculates on other teams as well. 

Read more:  Sports Illustrated

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