This State Senator from Macomb Calls Whitmer 'Reckless...Spiteful...Petulant'

November 19, 2019, 1:07 PM

Shelby Township attorney Peter J. Lucido, in his first year as a Republican state sentator, uses vivid language to show how he feels about the governor's proposed gasoline tax.

In a guest column at The Macomb Daily this week, he calls Gretchen Whitmer "a petulant governor hellbent on a highest-in-the-nation, 45-cents-a-gallon gas tax that nobody wants."

Gretchen Whitmer and Peter Lucido
(Photos: Facebook)

The suburban legislator, who earlier served two House terms, also accuses the Democratic governor of "reckless, failed political gamesmanship," "illogical budget transfers" and "spiteful vetoes."

Instead of rolling up her sleeves with the Legislature and doing the hard work of ironing out budget differences and crafting a more sensible long-term plan to fix our roads, the governor made an all-or-nothing bet on a gas tax. . . .

Now . . . the governor has come crawling back to ask the Legislature to undo her vetoes with a budget supplemental [bill].

In case his vitriol seems too mild, Lucido adds: "She is not a queen."

Ohh-kay then -- the subtext here seems clear. At least the 59-year-old senator doesn't also dismiss the 48-year-old governor as a shrew or unladylike.

-- Alan Stamm

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