Boycott Detroit Lions' Thanksgiving Game -- Freep Columnist

November 25, 2019, 7:30 AM

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Sure, the Detroit Lions should get rid of Coach Matt Patricia and General Manager Bob Quinn, Detroit Free Press sports columnist Jeff Seidel writes. And certainly blame can be placed on Lions' owner Martha Ford.

But fans should shoulder some of the blame for continuing to buy tickets and Lions gear, he says, agreeing with those who say it's time to boycott the games -- starting with this week's Thanksgiving game against the Chicago Bears.

You deserve blame, too, Lions fans.

You are enabling this.

When you buy your Lions jerseys.

When you fill up the seats and go to the games.

When you buy beer and popcorn in Ford Field, pumping all of that concession money into the Ford family bank account.

Year after year.

When you go to the games, despite the losses, you are sending a message: I accept this. . . .

It’s time to break the tradition.

Stay home on Thanksgiving.

Enjoy your holiday.

Lions free.

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