Gallery: Pop-Up Lounge Offers a New Downtown Detroit Spot to Chill

November 26, 2019, 5:11 PM by  Alan Stamm

"The Story" is a free lounge, work area and cafe at 1001 Woodward Ave. A DJ spun at Saturday's opening. 
(Photos: Instagram/Mark Ehgotz of Pophouse)

So many cozy places to hang downtown this month and next -- such as the temporary Cadillac Lodge tent in Cadillac Square, plus countless coffeshops, cocktail lounges or less swanky bars. 

Now add The Story, a lobby pop-up at Woodward and Michigan avenues. Though coffee, cocoa and tea are the strongest beverages, the ambiance at 1001 Woodward is cozy, the view outside is delightful and the comfortable seating is plentiful.

It's a public space with upholstered clusters, tables for collaboration, free WiFi, a craft workshop and a café run by Dessert Oasis Coffee Roasters of Capitol Park. Amenities also include throw pilows and interactive artwork.

It opened Saturday in the lobby of a 23-floor Bedrock Detroit office tower and is open to anyone from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. through Jan. 3.

Tall windows overlook Michigan and Woodward.


The six-week placemaking activation, in the jargon of New Urbanism, is coordinated by Pophouse Design, a six-year-old Detroit interior design and graphics studio known as dPOP until two months ago.

"We were really inspired by the Danish hygge lifestyle, which refers to the feeling of comfort and well-being, like reading a book by the fireplace," says a statement from firm president Jennifer Janus. "We hope that's the sort of feeling that visitors to The Story experience this winter season." (Hygge is pronounced hue-guh.) 

In the air there's also a feeling of Christmas and a scent created by Detroit Wick, which is on hand to sell candles with the custom aroma. 

These eight scenes are from Instagrams by Mark Ehgotz, studio director at Pophouse, an early visitor and Bedrock. 

It's an Instagram-ready playspace and work zone.

Opening night festivities last weekend.

Blogger Carrie B ( visited a free postcard-mailing counter with her son Lucas.

It's a bit like a well-appointed student center, a boutique hotel lobby or a living room with extra-high windows. (Photo: Bedrock Detroit)

Workspace for consultants, freelancers, students and office refugees.
It only looks like a home furnishings showroom. There are no salespeople.
(Photo: Bedrock Detroit)


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