Wear your Detroit Lions feelings on your sleeve ... and bed, wall, laptop, phone or table

November 26, 2019, 9:37 PM

Would it even do any good?

Detroit football fans who're among The Resistance can wear a call to action on their torsos and a surprisingly diverse choice of other surfaces -- incuding a blanket, stickers and coasters.

A four-year-old online apparel and novelties shop called The DLine, which has a Cass Corridor office on Second Avenue, introduces an array of merchandise for those seeing a 3-7-1 football team as cruel and unusual punishment. "Sell the Team" items priced at $3 to $166 are a way to reinforce calls from columnists, talk radio hosts and ticket buyers who want the Ford family to unload the Lions.

Models show the shirts. (Photo: The DLine)

Here are 16 "Sell the Team" products from the web merchant, which casts itself as a "lifestyle brand supporting Detroit:"  

  • T-shirts: $18
  • Hoodies: $35-$41
  • Phone case: $21.50-$26
  • MacBook skin: $26
  • MacBook sleeve: $37
  • Poster: $14-$30 (three sizes)
  • Photo print: $7-$31 (four sizes)
  • Art print: $17-$58
  • Framed print: $87-$135 (three sizes)
  • Metal print: $49-166 (four sizes)
  • Wall banner: $32-$66 (three sizes)
  • Throw blanket: $25-$53 (three sizes)
  • Coasters: $14 (set of four)
  • Zipper pouch: $12-$19 (three sizes)
  • Greeting card: $3-$4.45 (two sizes)
  • Sticker: $2.70-$15.20 (four sizes)

Yes, just in time for the holidays. They're all shown and described, with dimensions, at Redbubble, an e-commerce portal, and via its iPhone app.

-- Alan Stamm

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