Video: Kid Rock Goes on Drunken Tirade and Yells 'F--- Oprah Winfrey'

November 29, 2019, 9:54 AM

Kid Rock's Honky Tonk in Nashville.
(Photo: Deadline Detroit)

Kid Rock appeared to go on a drunken tirade at his Honky Tonk bar in downtown Nashville last week and ripped into some TV talk show hosts, including a popular powerhouse.

"Fuck Oprah Winfrey," he yelled on stage last week, according to TMZ.

He also yelled "Fuck Kathy Gifford" or Kathy Griffin, a more likely target.  

He tells the crowd of his dislike for Oprah and Joy Bahar and adds: "They can suck dick sideways."

A woman in the audience keeps shouting that he's a racist. It's difficult to hear some of the audio on the tape, but the website reports that he denies being a racist.

At the end, the Michigan native was so hammered he had to be helped off stage by security.

As his rants circulate on social media, the Metro Detroiter doubles down Friday evening:

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