Filmmaking Dr. Karageanes Gets $71,000 From State For December Shoot In Detroit Area

October 24, 2012, 10:07 PM

Needlestick Movie By Steven J. KarageanesA gory medical thriller by a Metro Detroit doctor is the last film getting support from the Michigan Film Office this year.

Local production of "Needlestick," written by Dr. Steven Karageanes, is planned this December. He's a family practice and sports medicine specialist who lives in Grosse Pointe and works at a DMC Medical Group office in Plymouth.

"Needlestick" is a psychological thriller about a cardiac surgeon who discovers a cure for aging, but is deadly for his subjects. Once he turns a cardiac hospital into a source for his test subjects, his young student must fight his way out of the hospital to survive and stop Dr. Crick’s experiments.

The project was awarded an incentive of $71,529 on $245,333 of projected in-state expenditures. The project is expected to hire 42 Michigan workers.

Dr. Steven KarageanesDr. Karageanes (right), who has a ghoulish imagination and manages to make time for screenwriting, this year won $100,000 in the Action on Film Writers Challenge for another script.

Michiganians working on the upcoming shoot include producers Dwjuan Fox and Edward Stencel and executive producer Aimee Cowher.

"Needlestick" has a Facebook page here.

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