Metro Detroit Rep. Slotkin says yes to impeaching Trump; Stevens still undecided

December 16, 2019, 11:09 AM

House Rep. Elissa Slotkin will join Democratic colleagues in voting for two articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump this week. Slotkin made the announcement in a Monday morning column in the Detroit Free Press. The moderate lawmaker from Holly waited longer than many in her party to announce her decision.

Rep. Haley Stevens, D-Rochester Hills, remains undecided, though she supported the inquiry. Last week, Stevens told the Free Press she was not in "a rush to judgment."

Rep. Elissa Slotkin: "The President illegally solicited the help of foreigners to influence the American political process." (Photo: Facebook)

In her column, Slotkin outlines her reasoning for supporting both articles:

On abuse of power: I believe that the President illegally solicited the help of foreigners to influence the American political process. On September 19, the President’s lawyer announced proudly on live TV that he had encouraged Ukraine to investigate the Bidens. On September 22, in response to a reporter’s question, the President affirmed it. The President later went on to encourage China to “investigate” his political rival, doubling down on it when asked by reporters.

On obstruction of Congress: President Trump sent out unprecedented guidance to refuse and ignore the requests and subpoenas of the inquiry. He did this even though the Constitution gives the House of Representatives the “sole power of impeachment.” While the President may not have liked the inquiry, he broke with 100 years of tradition by ignoring the subpoenas, and in doing so, obstructed Congress’ authorities.

Slotkin said her office has received thousands of calls and emails on the issue. 

Her decision draws pushback from Republicans.

“Elissa Slotkin is choosing Nancy Pelosi and the House Democrats’ unhinged caucus over her constituents. Voters won’t forget her cowardice. Slotkin’s political career is over," Republican National Committee spokesperson Ellie Hockenbury told WXYZ Detroit.

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