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State investigating second site owned by 'green ooze' company chief, and it's sketchy too

January 04, 2020, 7:07 AM

State authorities are looking at a second site owned by the man who controlled the source of the so-called "green ooze" leak in Oakland County. 

The second property is in Sanilac County, and appears to be littered with piles of debris, again with evidence pointing to hazardous chemicals. 

WXYZ visited the property owned by Gary Sayers, owner of Electro-Plating Services Inc., the source of the I-696 green-ooze leak in Madison Heights. Kim Russell reports:

As we walked up to the house we saw piles of debris everywhere, blocking our way to the front door. There are plastic and metal drums discarded. One of them had a label that read “trichloroethylene”.

Trichloroethylene is one of the hazardous chemicals that the Environmental Protection Agency said it found contaminating the man who owns the home’s Electro Plating Service Company in Madison Heights. 

Sayers had reportedly given the Sanilac County property address as his home residence, but may actually reside in Petoskey. 

The green ooze is groundwater contaminated with hexavalent chromium, a carcinogenic chemical that had leaked from the basement of Sayers' now-closed business and into a storm drain that leaked onto the freeway. 

See Russell's short Twitter video:


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