Why is Mike Morse chasing accused YouTube sex predator Onision?

January 13, 2020, 4:21 PM by  Violet Ikonomova

This one is going to take some explaining for those who aren't extremely online. So we'll start where it all began — on YouTube, in the mid-aughts, with a guy who goes by Onision.

Onision was/is a famed YouTuber, perhaps best known for the below clip, "I'm a Banana." In the past year, he and his spouse have reportedly been accused of pressuring at least six female fans into online or physical sexual encounters. Some of the women report having been groomed by him as teens. 

The 34-year-old has denied the allegations, and responded by reportedly posting the phone number of at least one accuser online. He's also shared videos in which he appears to be in the midst of a nervous breakdown.

Enter Chris Hansen — a Metro Detroit native and former host of the reality show "To Catch a Predator," in which he confronted men who showed up at a sting house under the premise of meeting underaged girls and boys.

Hansen has interviewed several of Onision's accusers on his own YouTube channel, "Have a seat with Chris Hansen," and last week — in true Chris Hansen fashion — showed up uninvited at Onision's Washington home to have a talk with him. (TCAP was taken off the air after an assistant district attorney ensnared in the sting shot and killed himself.)

Now — plot twist — enter Mike Morse, a high-profile Michigan personal injury attorney and new podcast host. Morse decided to join Hansen on the trip after the ex-predator catcher briefed him on the Onision saga during a recent episode of "Open Mike."

The attorney — who himself has been at the center of a string of sexual assault allegations, a couple of which were dropped in court -- one for perjury by an accuser — says he was compelled to get involved because he "really didn’t like what I was hearing about this guy." He's now providing pro-bono legal advice to some of Onision's alleged victims.

"It’s turning into a lot but we are learning more and more about his erratic behavior," said Morse. "It concerns me because he has small kids the home."

In new video posted online by Morse, Hansen is seen knocking at Onision's door while Onision is apparently inside calling 9-1-1. In audio laid over the clip, the accused YouTube predator refers to Hansen and his crew as "YouTube stalkers."

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