$300,000 Detroit loft lets you live 'like Carrie Bradshaw'

January 24, 2020, 10:47 AM

So the other day we caught an actual episode of "Sex and the City," because it's winter and we're bored and why not. Talk about a show that has not aged well. The Barbie's-makeup-case Mac laptops! The way Carrie talks about "my new favorite website, Google-dot-com!" Her claim that Vogue magazine was paying $4/word for her so-I-couldn't-help-but-wonder columns! It is to laugh. 

For $300,000, this bougie loft can be yours. (Photo: RealComp)

Someone else must have been doing the same thing, because we came across this real-estate listing today:

Ever have a dream to live in a cutting edge loft, working from home writing a column by day & out on the town by night like the infamous Carrie Bradshaw? The time is now to turn that dream into reality set in our lively city of Detroit! This gorgeous loft in Midtown resembles Bradshaws very own, only better!

Are lofts still "cutting edge?" Maybe 20 years ago, 50 years ago in New York. Anyway, pretty sure Carrie Bradshaw lived in a townhouse apartment, to judge from all the scenes staged on the steps outside. It also had wood floors and dollhouse curtains, not standard features in lofts, as well as that famous closet. 

But that's not the point. If you're really intent on "writing a column by day," and not already named Mitch Albom, you're far more likely to be doing it from a shit-tastic apartment with bad plumbing, bugs and maybe even no heat. Artists suffer, dammit. 

This loft costs $300K, and you'll have to carry that note and a $350 monthly homeowners' fee. Better get a job at Quicken, and a good one. Or ask mommy and daddy to support your dream, now that you've left Bloomfield Hills behind. 

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