2 new De La Salle hazing victims come forward

January 30, 2020, 6:20 AM

The problem with sweeping things under the rug is, after a while, the rug gets lumpy. 

And while the De La Salle hazing story, a slow-motion disaster for the Catholic boys' high school in Warren, was seemingly disposed of this week when a prosecutor said his office was dropping the case, two more victims have come forward to Warren police.

One rule above all: Keep your mouth shut. (File photo)

The Free Press reports that two football players, supported by their parents, reportedly say the abuse -- a player or players held down, "sexually taunted" and prodded in the buttocks with broomsticks -- did indeed happen. 

Where the case goes form here is unclear. The original prosecutor, Michael Wendling of St. Clair County, who was appointed because of a conflict of interest in Macomb, said the office is confident "a crime did occur," but evidence was lacking due to witnesses refusing to cooperate. 

Tresa Baldas writes:

In light of the allegations from two new students, Wendling said: "I’m always open to hearing more. If requested by the AGs office (to take the case)  I would be more than willing to consider any new evidence.”

After concluding his investigation, he blasted the all-boys Catholic school for its handling of the investigation, saying the De La Salle coaching staff refused to talk to the police at the advice of their lawyers and that the school withheld evidence from his office, and that evidence was lost and unintentionally destroyed.

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