Overtaxation forum draws 150, sparks call for 'immediate response'

January 30, 2020, 8:08 AM

What will likely be only one in a long series of public forums on overtaxation in Detroit was held Wednesday in the city.

The PuLSE Institute held this one, which featured political consultant Sam Riddle, Wayne State law professor John Mogk and others. These forums are a response to a Detroit News investigation which found the city overcharged residents $600 million in property taxes over six years due to inflated assessments. 

More than 150 attended the Wednesday forum. An earlier event in a different venue drew hundreds more. 

"Many people have lost their homes. How do you make those people whole again?" said Theresa Landrum, a southwest Detroit resident. "We need to have a battery of lawyers to sit down with the city and negotiate how to get our money back."

A Duggan spokesman said Wednesday the city is looking at "ways to help individuals who were overtaxed during those years."

...Council President Brenda Jones has made a series of requests, including asking the city's top lawyer to draft a legal opinion on whether Detroit can set up a fund to reimburse overtaxed residents.

The city has not introduced any plan to make residents whole. Riddle said the situation requires an "immediate response." 

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