'The Zip:' Pouring more than one out, pączki vodka, *that* virus, Flint's feisty councilman

February 13, 2020, 11:20 PM

Our three-minute weekly news sendup has more than a couple of liquor-relted items, including host Violet Ikonomova's scorn for pączki vodka from Detroit City Distillery. (But she's all in if a Hamtramck bakery adds vodka pączki -- and who wouldn't be, right?)

Flint Councilman Eric May returns -- bless his feisty self -- to reconfirm that politics is a bare-knuckle job, literally. This V-Day edition of "The Zip" also features Eminem, a Detroit family that poured way more than one out and the virus that sounds like a Mexican beer.

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Potd_img_5299_591 Motor City Renegades motorcycle club with a lifting motorcycle above the building. Spotted on 8 mile.

By: Michael Lucido