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Battle of the Brands: Faygo Redpop vs. Tahitian Treat Fruit Punch

February 15, 2020, 8:42 PM

A beverage throwdown on Twitter this weekend seems more suited to summer -- until we remember that Faygo Redpop is a treat for all seasons.

That's why thousands of Detroiters and others in the know scoff at foolishness about Tahitian Treat Fruit Punch's supposed superiority. Loyalists can't swallow that (the claims or the pop).

The battle of brands started Friday night with this challenge from a provocateur with 14,500 followers:

Connoisseurs from each cult defend their go-to soft drink, generating more than 4,100 replies by Sunday afternoon. "In my city (Detroit) there’s only one answer here," tweets journalist Katrease Stafford, a Faygo embrace reinforced by 2,100 "likes" in a half-day.

Other Redpop fans post:

  • "Faygo with some Better Made chips," -- Jon Snow

  • "Red was the go-to classic. TT was a special treat, but classic is always the best choice." -- Karen Dumas, Detroit

  • "This white boy agrees. Faygo is the best." -- John Price

  • "Faygo Redpop is made in the Blackest city in America, Detroit. It’s a superior product. Someone working on the Faygo line is named Leroy. Tahitian Treat doesn’t have the range." -- Candice Fortman, Detroit

  • "It’s Faygo all day everyday. It's really not even close!" -- A'kiem Gardner, Highland Park

  • "I'm a dumb white girl from Canton and even I've been going hard for redpop since my pre-memory." -- Addy Finch

  • "Y’all making me feel like choosing Tahitian Treat is like Jungle Fever. I’ve seen the light. No more Treat. Only Redpop from here on." -- Thaddeus (@ThayDilla)

  • "RockNRye (the King) isn't there. But Redpop of those two." -- @MotownDR

  • "Anyone from Detroit knows who the true winner here is." -- @itsTimHell

  • "Ask people from the South. We don’t know what Tahitian Treat is. Faygo all day." -- @TwerkFranklin

  • "Faygo undefeated." -- @RonaldGmai

  • "Red Pop. Period." -- @EdwardsChild

  • "Faygo is trhe only correct answer." -- @im_babbyy

Tahitian Treat also has plenty of passionate people -- maybe more, based on partial scrolling -- and we sympathize with what must be impaired taste, questionable judgment or unfamiliarity with Redpop. 

-- Alan Stamm

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