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Gallery: Think You're a Huge UM Loyalist? This Guy's Home Shows He's a Bigger One

February 23, 2020, 2:08 PM by  Alan Stamm

Maize and blue extend through each and every room of this bungalow, 10 more photos below show.
(Photos: Keller Williams Realty)

Hail to the victims who share and visit this three-bedroom home, and also to the agent trying to sell it for $169,900.

If that seems harsh, wait 'til you see interior photos below. This 1940 bungalow isn't decorated in minimalist style, let's just say.

It's across the state in Hamilton, about 15 minutes southeast of Holland in Allegan County -- way past our usual coverage scope, but too eye-popping to bypass when we saw a post at MLive.

Edward Pevos of the news site called the 67-year-old owner, who just put his distinctively decorated cottage on the market:

Loren Joostberns is a retired Hamilton High School teacher and huge Michigan fan. He says he’s been a UM football season ticket holder for 45 years, been to seven Rose Bowls and 14 other UM bowl games.

"I have every program from every game I’ve ever been to," Joostberns told MLive. "I have more than 1,000 programs. I also have programs from every bowl game except one, even ones I didn’t go to." ...

He says he has so much UM memorabilia that more of it is actually in storage than is displayed at his home.

"When I buy something new, I try to find a place to put it. For everything you see, I have at least two more in storage somewhere because I don't have room to display it."

Lest you wonder if this 1,250-square-foot Wolverines shrine is being sold as is, Pevos notes: "Obviously, the UM memorabilia is going with him."


Check out this super-fan's digs, a vivid benchmark to gauge how much of a UM loyalist you or someone you know really is. Photos are from Keller Williams Realty's listing:

Still have an appetite? Bet you can guess what color the dishes, glassware and mugs are.

Hallway to heaven, as we fantasize the owner may call it.

Sweet dreams as you fall asleep counting woverines.

"The living room is sort of a man cave," the retired teacher tells MLive, needlessly. (Sort of?)

Child-friendly second bedroom or guest room -- as long as visitors aren't Spartans.

Entertainment room in the first of two views. "When I buy something new, I try to find a place to put it. For everything you see, I have at least two more in storage."

Step inside, turn around and behold the TV den in all its glory.
This dormer bedroom on the second floor has "beautiful knotty pine woodwork, " the listing says. (We almost missed it, for some reason.)

Here too, because of course.

What, you thought that at least the laundry room might be a neutral zone?


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