Video: Detroit CVS theft puzzle -- why a cart full of shampoo?

March 03, 2020, 11:37 AM

Nothing should be amusing about shoplifting, but you may grin at this CVS caper. (We do.)

Yes, we'll say it: He made a clean getaway.
(Photo: Fox 2 video)

A non-paying drugstore "customer" visited a 24-hour CVS branch in Detroit's Rivertown area not long after Valentine's Day on a laser-focused "shopping" trip. He tossed three armloads of shampoo bottles into a cart and headed for the exit, as shown in a 16-second security camera video below.

The 24-hour drugstore at 3200 E. Jefferson Ave., just west of Harbortown, was staffed during the 3:25 a.m. grab-and-go Feb. 15, though no clerk is visible. (Third-shift employees probably see far stranger scenes and patrons. Imagine what it's like after midnight at a pharmacy on East Jefferson.) 

The shampoo-grabber made a clean getaway in a brown and white van, Detroit Police say. Seventh Precinct detectives would appreciate information at (313) 596-5740.

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