Bloomberg, out of presidential race, will leave money in Michigan to help Dems

March 05, 2020, 3:07 PM

Don't give up that sweet office space in the Eastern Market just yet, Bloomberg 2020 staffers. Sounds like Mike of the Infinitely Deep Pockets might be able to use you still. 

Mike Bloomberg, erstwhile presidential candidate (File photo)

The Washington Post is reporting

Former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg has decided to form a new independent expenditure campaign that will absorb hundreds of his presidential campaign staff in six swing states to work to elect the Democratic nominee this fall.

The new group, with a name that is still undisclosed because its trademark application is in process, would also be a vehicle for Bloomberg to spend money on advertising to attack President Trump and support the Democratic nominee, according to a person familiar with the discussions, who requested anonymity to discuss internal deliberations.

Apparently Bloomberg is having so much fun taunting the president that he doesn't want to give it up. A new video released on Twitter today mocks Trump's boasting:

“We are not going anywhere. We will haunt your dreams. We are in your head,” the video declares by splicing together clips from movies, television shows and music videos. “Starting today, and every day after that, every morning, every night, we will be here watching you, always watching, making sure everyone one knows what a disaster you are.”

Bloomberg has endorsed Joe Biden to win the nomination, but did not rule out working to support Bernie Sanders, should he be nominated. However, Sanders' campaign spokespeople have said they don't want the billionaire's help. 

But in Michigan, jobs in Bloomberg's organization appear to be safe for now:

Bloomberg’s advisers have identified Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Florida and North Carolina as the six states that will decided the electoral college winner this year. Staff in each of those states have signed contracts through November to work on the effort.

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