Michigan State Safety Tips When Getting Groceries in the Coronavirus Era

April 03, 2020, 8:38 AM

(Photo: MSU)

Grocery stores can seem like scary places at a time when we're all trying to dodge the super evil, invisible coronavirus.

Michigan State University offers advice aboiut food shopping and deliveries.

Store tips

  • Shop at less busy times or use any designated hours if susceptible to respiratory illness or other health issues.

  • Limit distance from others to at least six feet.

Reduce germs and pathogens

  • Take sanitizer or germ wipes for hands and carts.

  • Wipe cart before shopping and sanitize your hands after using high touch surfaces like handles to freezers or credit card machines.

  • Use single-use plastic bags for meat and produce.

  • Avoid touching multiple food items when making selections.

  • Use a credit or debit card instead to avoid receiving change.

  • Use your pen when to sign receipts.

  • If using reusable bags, wash and sanitize after each use. 

Delivered food or pre-order pickup:

  • Avoid direct hand contact.

  • Do not let drivers into home.

  • Consider opening your door or trunk when picking up pre-ordered groceries.

Handling food at home after shopping

  • Wash hands when returning.

  • Wash hands after removing packaging or wrapping.

  • After putting away groceries, wash hands, clean and sanitize counter tops and all surfaces that were touched.

Cleaning produce

  • Sanitize packaging before storage.

  • Wash fruits and vegetables several times with running water and dry with paper towel. If you are placing produce in your kitchen sink, be sure to sanitize your sink first.

  • The U.S. Food & Drug Administration does not recommend using any types of non-food soaps or detergents, including hand soap or dish soap. 

  • Use produce brush to scrub items with firm skins.

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