Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer Talked to Trump and Neither Apologized

April 08, 2020, 2:17 PM


Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and President Donald Trump have had public spats in recent times. She criticized him for not doing enough in the coronavirus battle. He responded by criticizing her and referring to her in a tweet as "Half" Whitmer.

Now they appear to have moved on after a recent phone conversation.

"It was not a scheduled call, so it was a bit of a surprise,” Whitmer tells investigative reporter Michael Isikoff in an interview  on “Skullduggery,” a Yahoo News podcast.  “But a welcome one, because I had asked for a phone call.

"It took a few days … for it to become a reality, but you know we’ve got to have an open line of communication. And I reiterated what I’ve said on on the national news media a number of times, which is we are not one another’s enemy.”

Asked if there were apologiesfor previous comments, she said: “No, and neither did I. I think we both just wanted to forget it happened.”

Whitmer also addressed the buzz about  being considered as a vice presidential candidate.

“Every ounce of energy that I have” into fighting the coronavirus, she said, adding that she hasn't been asked to provide background information to the Biden campaign for a potential vetting.

“I didn’t ask to be thrust into the national spotlight the way that I have been,” she said. “It is flattering to even be considered, and we’ll see where it goes. But I haven’t put a whole lot of thought into it at this point.”

On the why a disproportionate number of blacks in the state, particularly in Detroit, have been impacted by the coronavirus, she said:

“Detroit is an international hub. We’ve got a lot of people [who] call Detroit home and come to and from the city of Detroit.

And we also have a population [with] a lot of people who are in poverty, who don’t have access to health care, who don’t have access to a job that gives them enough money to support a family and to do all the things that we know help you avoid the worst kind of outcomes from COVID-19."

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