Covid field site nursing jobs pay more than at some Detroit-area hospitals

April 08, 2020, 9:43 PM

National placement agencies are recruiting nurses, nursing assistants and medical technicians to work at Detroit and Novi federal field hospitals for pandemic patients.

Some half-year positions have higher pay levels than at area hospitals.

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"The two field hospitals opening in the Detroit-area seem to be outbidding the local healthcare systems," Kate Wells of Michigan Radio posts Wednesday night.

Job postings for the “Emergency COVID Facility” offer $2,432 to $3,120 weekly. ... The pay is higher for other jobs, though: a nurse case manager job is advertised at closer to $4,700. 

... For COVID nurses with at least one year of experience, Sinai-Grace Hospital is offering $1,591 weekly, according to one online job post. McLaren Oakland is offering $1,489. Henry Ford’s ad just says "premium rates available."

The governor last month eased licensing restrictions, letting the upcoming FEMA field hospitals at TCF Center and Suburban Collection Showplace hire caregivers who are licensed in other states.

These are among openings listed by services named ALine Staffing, Nationwide Therapy Group and The Gypsy Nurse.

Emergency Room Registered Nurse: 32 openings through July 4; $70-$80 an hour ($2,800 to $3,200 a week), plus $10 overtime past 40 hours; one year experience required.

► Surgical Registered Nurse: 50 openings; $70-$80 and hour; 26-week assignments; one year experience needed.

► Intensive Care Registered Nurse: 50 openings; 26-week contract; "competitive pay;" one year ICU experience.

Pharmacy technician: 32 openings; $45-$50 an hour ($1,800 to $2,000 weekly); one year expeience.


 Licensed Practical Nurse: 13-week positions; $39 an hour ($1,560 a week).

Behavioral psychiatric nurse: 13-week assignments; $65 an hour ($2,600 a week); one year experience.

Certified nursing assistant: 26-week contract; $32 an hour

Paramedic: 13-week contract for paramedics; $38 an hour.

At Michigan Radio, Wells reports there also "are tons of these postings for high-paying healthcare workers jobs out east."

New York-Presbyterian is offering $4,500 a week for a medical-surgical nurse with about one year of experience. ... New York University Winthrop is offering $5,500 a week. University of Massachusetts Memorial is offering $4,600 a week for registered nurses to care for critically ill COVID patients. ...

"When you're overworked and understaffed, you're going to go somewhere where they're going to be more appreciative of you," says a nurse who spent years at Detroit Medical Center Sinai-Grace, before leaving to a two-month, $4,000 per week contract at a New York hospital two weeks ago. At Sinai-Grace, she was making $850 a week after taxes, she says.

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