Detroit student's virus diary: 'How long will my life be on pause?'

April 18, 2020, 7:06 AM

This is the first of three posts by teens in the Boys & Girls Clubs of Southeastern Michigan, which withholds their last names. Perspectives on a disrupted spring are excerpted with permission from the nonprofit, which has eight clubs for ages 6-18. A membership link is at the end.

By Jeremiah

I am a member of a youth fraternity and the Dick and Sandy Dauch Club on Tireman Avenue in Detroir. I'm now at home every day and it really is affecting me socially. Not being able to speak to friends and see people is hard now that school is closed for the rest of the year,.

I am not used to being at home all the time and working on the computer. I'm usually in a classroom, surrounded by my peers. I will learn to adapt, but for now it is hard.

It has affected me personally in the social and educational aspect, but I know around the city of Detroit it's affecting others as well.

In Detroit, which is one of the cities around the country hit hard by the virus, the pandemic has also affected the youth. Youth are now forced to stay home instead of going to school and spending time with friends. Most kids need to be outside and with people to release their energy and socialize. Now this cannot happen, because the virus has affected us so much.

"I will learn to adapt, but for now it is hard." (Photo: Boys & Girls Clubs of Southeastern Michigan)

One thing we also see happening is food insecurities and social distancing. People are afraid and are told to stay inside, so we stock up supplies that will last about a month. 

With social distancing, we now separate ourselves from other parts of society. This has made me feel very much disconnected from my friends. Humans are made to be out and about and socialize. This has allowed my mind to go to the dark side, where my fears come out.

My main fear is: How long will my life be on pause? I'm afraid of how long I will be stuck in the house and can't see my friends. Will it be a couple more weeks or will it be a couple months?


The Boys & Girls Club has helped me a lot during this crisis. Just for a couple of hours, I’m able to forget about the real world and have a good time. This is because the club has come to us. The Virtual Club [a two-hour Zoom activity each weekday] has helped me still talk to people and meet new people as well. This experience is helping lighten my heart through my darkest time.

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