Detroit Lyric 'Throw the Buffs on Her Face' Raises $2,900 to Put a Pair on Whitmer

May 04, 2020, 7:26 PM by  Jack Thomas

A popular Detroit Twitter meme depicting Governor Gretchen Whitmer wearing the city’s favorite brand of sunglasses crosses over into reality.

Detroit rapper Gmac Cash set up a GoFundMe page to fund a pair of Cartier “Buff” glasses for Whitmer. It raised more than $2,900 in a day as over 260 donors pushed past the $2,500 goal Monday evening, when the performer closed it to more contributions.

"Just to see The Big Gretch rocking Buffs would make this whole quarantine worth it," 31-year-old Alejandro Fuentes-Noguez of Taylor posts as he kicks in $5. Another $5 donor, Cami Lavine of Clinton Township, comments at GoFundMe: "This is hilarious, I need to see her rocking these!"

In the intro to his song “Big Gretch,” the rapper proclaims: “On behalf of Detroit, we want to present these Buffs to our governor.” Apparently, that line was a promise.

While Whitmer hasn’t yet acknowledged whether she’ll accept the expensive eyewear, she tweeted out a reply to the song Sunday night.

Gmac Cash has made a name for himself in the post-quarantine era, with timely tracks like “Coronavirus,” and “Stimulus Check.” But if he’s able to present Whitmer with the Buffs, he just might reach peak status in local lore.


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