Delta's Humorous Pre-Flight Safety Videos Become You Tube Hits

November 08, 2012, 5:25 PM

It takes something special to make an airline safety video so entertaining it earns praise-filled news coverage, as well as more than 42,000 plays on YouTube.

Small Item Under SeatWell, that's what Detroit Metro Airport's main carrier pulls off -- twice.

Two new videos for passengers, Delta's first fresh ones since 2008, are cracking up early viewers with comedic riffs and offbeat wackiness throughout. Along with federally required pre-takeoff information about exits and water landings, passengers will see dressed-alike triplets, a miniature bag "small enough to fit under the seat" and an accordion player. 

It's almost like stand-up comedy for people who can't stand up while the captain has the seat belt sign illuminated. 

An Adweek writer, David Griner, is among those amused by the cleverness taped at Detroit Metro:

Each video is packed with quirky sight gags and amusing moments, such as when a passenger emerges from the bathroom just as everyone on board turns to look at the safety exits behind them. I'm especially fond of the human-sized robot who is forced to deactivate himself before flight.

DeltalinaThe videos feature different flight attendants and different sets of jokes. There's even a finger-wagging cameo by Katherine Lee (aka Deltalina), the comely flight attendant you've seen if you've flown Delta in the past four years -- yes, the one who looks a bit like Angelina Jolie and reminds us memorably that smoking in the lavatory is not allowed.   

For previews before flying, one version is here (4:33) and the slightly longer counterpart is here.

Heads-up: See if you spot Abraham Lincoln in the shadowy background during the life vest spiel in the first video.


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