Video: SNL's pitch-perfect skit with Cecily Strong as Mellissa Carone

December 06, 2020, 6:57 AM

Cecily Strong as clown show breakout star you-know-who. (Photo: Saturday Night Live)

It was preordained, predestined, predictable and perfectly funny -- just like the original show staged live from Lansing on Wednesday night. 

The universally expected sequel, staged live from New York on Saturday night, featured Cecily Strong in a wispy blond updo wig as spoof-ready Mellissa Carone.

During the cold open of "Saturday Night Live," a farting Rudy Giuliani (played by Kate McKinnon) presented "Carone" to tell Michigan representatives about supposed voter fraud in Detroit (video below).

"I personally saw hundreds if not thousands of dead people vote," she said. "I remember because I was walking out and they were walking out and they gave their votes to Democrats."

Strong said she "signed an after-David" swearing truthful testimony. "David signed and then I signed right after David," she explained.  

The comedian slurred her words, as the real Carone did Wednesday night at a Michigan House hearing, and walked off stage while saying: "You're lucky I need another drink."

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