Gallery: Bernie Sanders 'visits' 18 familiar sites in Detroit and around the Mitten State

January 22, 2021, 12:43 PM by  Alan Stamm

Opa! Look who waits for a Greektown restaurant to open. See 17 more below. (Photo: Google StreetView, adapted)

This contagion also is viral and spreads nationwide, though it isn't deadly or serious.

Bernie Sanders' easily adapted inauguration photo pops up in settings from sea to shining sea, including here in the Mitten State, fittingly.

Who doesn't love Checker Bar burgers?
(Photo composite: Detroit Metro Convention & Visitors Bureau)

We gather six social media examples and concoct a dozen Detroit-based ones via a handy site created by New York University computer science graduate student Nick Sawhney of San Ramon, Calif. His "Put Bernie Anywhere" tool drops the bundled-up Vermont senator atop any Google Street View image, with varying effectiveness and correct proportions. (Hat tip to reader Steve Pollack of Huntington Woods, who put it on our radar.)

We can't resist playing, partly because national politics suddenly feels lighter and brighter. (All created by us, unless credited.)

Blocking traffic while awaiting music and action at Beacon Park in downtown Detroit.

The Bern and Marshall Fredericks' "Spirit of Detroit." (Photo compoisite: Detroit Metro Convention & Visitors Bureau)

A visit here isn't complete without a stop at Duly's Place Coney Island on West Vernor Highway in Southwest Detroit. (Photo composite: u/Hitch-22 on Reddit)

"Have to beat the rush," the Freep tweets with this.

A visitor from New England is ready for showtime at the Fox Theatre.

At the Fisher Theatre, "Golden Butthole" on Hall Road in Sterling Heights (by Redditor "Icon47") and Honeybee Market in Southwest Detroit.

At the Detroit Public Library main branch, Detroit's federal courthouse and on the Ambassador Bridge, awkwardly.

Clockwise from top left: DIA, Dequindre Cut, Greektown Casino (its composite) and Comerica Park.

He comes unarmed to the Michigan Capitol for a peaceful vigil.


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