Wall Street Journal: Michigan GOP Can Gain in 2022 if It Avoids Chasing Conspiracy Theories

July 05, 2021, 4:59 AM

James Craig and Gov. Gretchen Whitmer

The Wall Street Journal editorial page, a prominent and respected conservative voice, has sage advice headlined "Yes, Trump Really Did Lose Michigan" (paywalled).

The GOP could make real gains in Michigan next year, including replacing Gov. Gretchen Whitmer. But it won’t happen if the party spends the next year peering down a rabbit hole of 2020 conspiracy theories.

The editorial, printed Saturday, cites a report by the Republican-controlled Michigan Senate's Oversight Committee, which finds no wide voter fraud.

Donald Trump says fraud is the only reason he lost the 2020 election. Some even think Mr. Trump will be reinstated once the truth comes out. Anyone who finds this narrative at all appealing should take 30 minutes to read the investigative report posted last week by Michigan Republicans. It’s only 35 pages. ...

Mr. Trump’s response was predictable. He called the inquiry “a cover-up,” while repeating the same nonsense about Detroit and Antrim County. Apparently Mr. Trump didn’t actually read the report, but other Republicans should give it a look.

As far as unseating Whitmer, that's up for debate. If Whitmer continues to make missteps as she did poorly explaining her Florida trip and showing up at an East Lansing restaurant and bar with a crowd in violation of her own pandemic orders, anything is possible. 

So far, the most likely opponent appears to be the former Detroit Police Chief James Craig, who has been meeting with prominent state GOP figures, talking about support and funding. The question is, does he have what it takes to unseat Whitmer, or will he even end up as the Republican candidate in 2022? 

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